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The DEN is the world's #1 community for sales managers to converge, collaborate, and grow.

Welcome to The DEN

Managing a sales team is one of the most impactful roles in any org. It’s everchanging, it’s lonely, and there’s a lot of pressure on you to perform. Yet, the available resources to support sales managers are both out of touch and out of date.

Most people don’t understand what managing a sales team really looks like. Your family doesn’t get it. Most of your friends don’t get it. Your reps don’t get it. Your CEO probably doesn’t get it, either. Sadly, development in the role is often neglected.

Welcome to 


The DEN is the #1 community for you to converge, collaborate, and grow as a sales manager.

The Founding Team behind the DEN has been recognized for their excellence, contribution, and success in the sales space by media outlets like Inc 5000, Forbes, Comparably, and ClearlyRated.

The driving force behind our Founding Team is to make an impact.  To drive this impact, we rely on our years and actual experience interviewing, hiring, training, and developing sales people .  In other words:  We get it.  This isn’t theoretical.  We are still in the trenches today leading and growing our own high-performing sales managers and teams.

As a member of the DEN you will have exclusive access to this Founding Team as well as our Board of Members – professionals in our networks who have deep industry experience and are masters of their unique craft.  These are voices you have almost certainly heard on industry podcasts and all over LinkedIn.

As a member of The DEN, you’ll have:

Access to our members-only Slack workspace for overall collaboration and topic-specific channels covering things like Tech Stack, Commission & Comp Structures, SDR Management, and a whole lot more.

Exclusive access to knowledge base and thought leader content through DEN curated podcasts, webinars, roundtable discussions, and opportunity for 1-1 mentorship.

Weekly randomized 1-1 “Coffee Chats” with other pack members for discussion around best practices, role challenges, and overall networking.

Industry-specific and regional sub-communities so that you can connect with other local sales managers in your industry/area.

Job & hiring boards to help you find quality people for your team OR find new opportunities for yourself through your vetted network.

Membership kick-off with a 1-1 meeting between you and our Membership Success Manager to discuss your current challenges and help to customize the program for you.

The DEN is not for everyone. 

To be considered for membership, you must meet the following criteria:

You must be a sales MANAGER with a team that reports to you.

You must be HUNGRY for growth and success.

You must be a TEAM PLAYER willing to give to this community as well as receive from it

You must be POSITIVE and looking for opportunities to grow and improve

The DEN is a place for sales managers to grow personally and professionally. Here’s an idea of what that growth is going to look like:

What Growth Will Look Like 

Stay current in what’s working TODAY in the sales environment - not just what worked twenty years ago.

Master your tech stack - get feedback from sales managers around the company about what’s working and what’s not worth the investment

Manage your team more effectively than ever

Stay motivated and take your mindset to the next level

Ultimately this community exists to give you the resources you need to progress in your career and keep climbing the ladder successfully! 

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Our Mission

Our mission here at the DEN is an unwavering commitment to the pursuit of excellence: we are dedicated to cultivating world-class resources, fostering a dynamic community, and delivering profound insights to help empower visionary, growth-minded sales managers. Together we strive to elevate excellence within sales managers and the teams they lead.

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The DEN is the world's #1 community for sales managers to converge, collaborate, and grow. The leaders of the pack here at the DEN are Josh Mastel and Matt Peck who combined have over two decades of hands-on, real-world sales management experience. Their journey, forged through their previous roles as sales leaders and architects of success at Uproar Partners, spans through countless sales teams they’ve built, coached, and elevated throughout their careers.

They’re not just theorists; they’re practitioners who live and breathe the dynamic world of sales management. They are millennial trailblazers who grasp the present and future landscape of both sales and leadership, and they are not confined to outdated methods of the past.  Instead, they are actively shaping the future, leading high-performing sales teams themselves while developing and mentoring future leaders nationwide.

Through their work, both Josh and Matt have become thought leaders in the sales domain, earning them an extensive network of some of the most forward-thinking voices in the industry. These are voices you have almost certainly heard on industry podcasts and all over LinkedIn, and as a member of the DEN, you’ll have direct access to the wisdom and expertise of our “Board of Mentors.”

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