Breaking Through Barriers with Elinor Stutz

Elinor Stutz is the Founder of as well as a best-selling author and speaker. She Started her career at a time when women were blocked in the sales and business world. She broke through barriers to become a top producing Salesperson in every company she worked for. She eventually became a trainer for sales leaders. 

After an accident that left Elinor diagnosed as paralyzed for life, she started her sales teaching career. She used sales techniques and positive thinking to overcome this life-changing event as well as many other obstacles. Learn more about Elinor, her success and how to succeed in life in sales in this episode.

Key Topics

  • Thoughtfulness and importance of addressing people by their name 
  • Common errors, mistakes and pitfalls Elinor sees
  • Asking good questions
  • Elinor’s life-threatening story
  • Making the decision to be positive
  • Lack of confidence as an issue
  • Creating a culture around personal development
  • Vetting coaches
  • Using awful words as motivation
  • Breaking through barriers
  • What makes a good manager and the lack of good managers

Interact with Elinor:
Nice Girls Do Get The Sale
Hired, How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself in Interviews
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“There are lots of twists and turns in anyone’s career and the worst lessons are the best lessons for the future.”

“It’s about people not thinking about the other person with whom they are trying to sell.”

“Because software and technology makes things so convenient and fast fast fast, the personalization is disappearing.”

“Now if you are in a good corporate setting, and you are getting good training, pay attention.”

“By the fourth month, not knowing a thing about what I was selling or how to sell, I became the top rep of the branch.”

“A first vision came in front of me in the form of a report card on the left-hand side, I had very high life marks, but on the right-hand side it was entitled community service and it was completely blank. So, in the moment, I made a pledge that I would begin giving back to communities, and I’m a salesperson 100%. So, in my mind and with the great beyond, I pledged that I would do so but with a condition, I would have full recovery and be able to walk out of her hospital on my own.”

“I think the most important part of that to me is that you’re clear on what you should be doing, and I think there’s so many people especially young people out there that are lost on what they should be doing.”

“Sales honestly saved my life.”

“That night a brain surgeon came into my room it was unusual he was there and asked if they could do an experiment on me, so I’m a risk taker and I try things to experiment and I instantly said, ‘sure.’”

“After surgery when I finally awoke he was standing over me and he said, ‘’there’s no rhyme or reason for what happened, but you will walk out of this hospital in four days.’’ And when I was put in my room, almost the entire medical staff on duty came to see me and they kept calling me the walking miracle.”

“Adversity is a reality of our world.”

“I had to stand up for myself throughout my childhood, and I was in a city where I didn’t fit in, and so I turned to reading. And reading changed the way I dealt with life.”

“You can decide at any point in time to be negative or positive.”

“I learned early in my sales career to focus on my goals and what the long-term vision is, and every single night I was diligent about what I wanted to accomplish the next day.”

“I think that young people should figure out what you’re good at first and go do that and everybody was born with gifts, go figure out what your gift is, use it and use that to build confidence, and then You’ll find your passion.”

“As long as you’re willing to learn from things that went awry, there’s no failure because you learned from it.”

“As we start growing, people are going to put us down for our novel ideas, and what I’ve come to learn later in life is that the very worst snare sentiment hurled at you are awful words. That means you are on to something very very exciting that they never saw coming, and that you should proceed with it.”

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