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As experts in the B2B sales space, we’ve got you covered from a sales strategy and execution perspective no matter the challenges you’re facing

Our mission

The sales landscape is changing at a pace that is increasingly difficult to keep up with.  We stay ahead of that curve so our customers don’t have to.

a highly customized experience

Your journey with us starts with conversation and collaboration, to build-out the best solution for your unique needs and aspirations.

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Customer Gossip

Our goal isn’t creating award-winning work, it’s growing our client’s business and achieving real results in the form of revenue. Here’s just a few of those success stories. 

Taylor Perkins, Founder Slope Software

“As a startup, we simply don’t have the time to manage a full sales process ourselves, and UpRoar has allowed us to still have a sales team that executes, while being abstracted from the minutia.”

Ben Flynn, Founder Zeleo Inc.

“Uproar was exactly what we needed to get to the next level; though their efforts we were able to reach and generate a huge pipeline of interested companies and people. We at Zeleo have technical ability to create product, but without Uproar, we’d still be figuring out how to get the attention we needed.”

Jarod Latch, Co-founder Spiracle Media

“UpRoar gave us the confidence… that has allowed us to reach a previously untapped pool of prospects, leading to overall growth and opportunity.”

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We were born to be the first and the best within sales

In a massively competitive world full of options and noise, your go to market strategy must be the sharpest tool in your shed.  UpRoar Partners stands apart with its ability to support your sales strategy from a holistic, focused, and modern perspective.


That’s why UpRoar Partners was born: to be the the first and best of its kind: a partner with one simple goal;  growing our client’s business and achieving real results in the form of revenue. 


We are a sales strategy and execution firm

Based in Atlanta, UpRoar Partners is a sales strategy and execution firm founded by Josh Mastel.  With deep roots in B2B tech, we work with companies hungry for results by wielding the best and most modern of sales strategies, processes, and tool sets. 


Our sole mission is giving tech founders and the c-suite a team of sales experts to help analyze, build and guide winning strategy.

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