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A little bit about us

Based in Atlanta, UpRoar Partners is a hybrid sales and marketing agency founded by Josh Mastel to grow B2B technology companies.

With deep roots in tech, we work with companies hungry for results by wielding both sales and marketing as a double-edged sword. Our sole mission is giving tech founders and the c-suite an outsourced sales and marketing solution without the hassle of having to build and manage it in-house. Essentially, access to a specialized team already firing on all cylinders.

In a world where marketing agencies can’t sell and sales consultancies can’t market, UpRoar Partners stands apart with it’s ability to support your marketing strategy from a sales perspective and sales strategy from a marketing perspective.

Sales isn’t going to solve all of your problems. Marketing isn’t, either. Sales and marketing, though, are a deadly combo that few agencies take advantage of. That’s why UpRoar Partners was born: to be the the first and best of its kind: a hybrid sales and marketing agency, or, simply put, a “sales agency.”

Why work at UpRoar Partners?

  • We live our values:
  • Character First We do, what's right, at all times, no matter the cost.
  • Self-Drive We find a way to Win, No matter how hard it gets or long it takes.
  • Development We're always getting better, to stay ahead of the game.
  • Self-Discipline We do what others aren't willing to do, it's our secret sauce.
  • Positivity We control our Aittude and Mindset towards our Team and our work... even when things are though.
  • Passion Everything we do is Critical. We act with purpose, intent and urgency.

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