Is Social Media Compatible With Your B2B SaaS Sales Strategy?

When it comes to B2B marketing, companies often overlook social media as part of the B2B SaaS sales strategy. The main reason is that social media is for individuals, but B2B businesses want to attract entire organizations as clients. At the surface level, this makes sense. Beyond that, it’s important to recognize that it’s individuals who make decisions for business. Because of this, social media can play a crucial role in how you attract more buyers or subscribers.


Do Your Potential Clients Target Consumers?

Because social media platforms are most lucrative for B2C companies, B2C business owners might spend more time there than B2B business owners. In fact, one B2B publishing company reports that only 46% of B2B companies credit social media for increasing sales, while 60% of B2C companies say the same. If you target B2C businesses, your chances of landing more clients while they’re trying to land their own clients might increase.


How Old Are Your Business Clients?

All age groups spend time on social media, but they tend to gravitate toward specific choices. For example, you most often find Boomers and Generation X on Facebook. Meanwhile, millennials gravitate toward Youtube, while Generation Z has taken over Instagram. One B2B publishing company identified Facebook as the company 96% of B2B companies credited with increased sales. This might mean you are more likely to reach older business executives and business owners.


Do You Target Small Business Owners?

The internet and software programs, just like yours, made it possible for micro-businesses to grow into big enterprises. Micro-business owners and small business owners are constantly looking for ways to use technology to increase sales. These professionals spend a great deal of time researching solutions online. This research leaves internet breadcrumbs that allow software companies to follow the trail and use targeted ads to present themselves as the solution on social media.


Does Your Service Help With Automation?

Forbes estimates that automation could save businesses $4 million each year. Not all your clients will have multi-million-dollar businesses, but they are aware of the time-savings and dollar value of automation. Software that can help them reallocate time to other parts of their business or to their personal lives is sure to grab their attention. Playing up this value in social media ads — when they are likely trying to take a break from work — could strike the right chord.


Does Your B2B SaaS Sales Strategy Include Easy Signup?

The people who visit your website from social media platforms often cannot facilitate complicated ways to sign up for services. Keep in mind that these people are likely using their smartphone devices, which have smaller screens. They might also not have immediate access to some company information. If you have a streamlined sign-up process, especially one that involves a mobile-friendly app, you have a much better chance of attracting customers on social media.

There are many other factors that determine the role social media plays in your B2B SaaS sales strategy. Why navigate those complexities alone? Find out how UpRoar Partners can get you more leads, more demos and more sales.



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